If you can’t do 8 … If you do your push ups correctly and follow the list of tips I am going to be laying out below, then you should see a decent increase in your push up rep count. For more tips, like how to develop the proper pushup technique, read on! Feel free to change up your basic hand position when doing push ups. Week three will be your first attempt at a pull-up after intentionally working on improving it. With regular practice and a solid routine, anyone can increase the overall number of push-ups he or she can do. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Hettinger on how to increase your push ups: Aerobic exercise such as swimming will TONE muscles and decrease body fat which will show muscle definition but will not increase muscle mass to any significant degree. I think, as you said, it needs to focus more on sprints and high intensity stuff. Perform push-ups for 40-60 seconds, using a 202 or 303 tempo. Keeping your body in a nice straight line, slowly lower your chest down to the ground. 4. Her workouts emphasize proper warm-ups, cool-downs, and stretching techniques. So if your max was 20 then each set you do should be 14 reps. Follow this pushup protocol, trying to perform each rep as fast as possible, and after 8 workouts take the test again and see how you improved. Lie on your stomach with your hands in a push-up position. To get a better understanding of what I am talking about, have a look at this really informative video below! To progress past 30 (legitimate) push-ups at once, Skipper was assigned a series of three push-up workouts by Holder. Keeping the rest of your body in a straight line, steadily lower yourself towards the wall until your nose almost touches the wall, and push back up to the starting position. Once you can do that move onto an "incline push up" on an elevated surface. No breaks at the top or bottom throughout the entire set. Disclaimer: The information presented by Bald Brothers is purely for informational purposes only. For more tips, like how to develop the proper pushup technique, read on! Increase your frequency to three times per week. Take a new baseline if you need to, and do not let yourself get discouraged. One of these days may land on a chest workout day. You likely will not be able to increase the number in each set every time you work out, but that’s okay. In order to take accurate readings of the push-ups you do, you must first make sure you’re performing a proper push-up each time. Increase your total reps even further to around 150% of your original goal. The default practice push-up is perceived to be knee push-ups, but they don’t translate particularly well to doing a real push-up. Any opinions on medical matters are purely the authors’ opinions, and do not represent that of any medical professional. Add Variety by Changing Your Body Position You can move your body into various positions, so you can add variety to your work out sessions. Lay on the ground with legs locked and abs tight, then press off. Hold the pose for a second before bringing your legs back down to the start position in a controlled motion. We started doing them as kids in physical education, the military loves them, and what guy doesn’t like to brag about how many reps he can do! Whatever your max number of reps on day one take 70% of that number and that will be your working set. Your body should be in a nice straight line. This can be done in as many as 50 reps for 4 sets or as little as 10 reps for 20 sets. Yes, as long as you continue to push yourself. Repeat for the recommended amount of reps, typically eight to ten per set. That is fine – you may be a bit weaker but that is no excuse to quit. So if you do 20 push-ups, you'd wait 3 days, then try to do 22 the next time, then 24 the time after that. Monica Morris is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. ", How to Increase the Number of Pushups You Can Do, http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/fitness/in-depth/health-tip/art-20049146, https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/what-is-the-optimal-time-between-sets-for-muscle-growth.html, https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/how-many-times-exercise-week-long-workouts-gym-lifestyle-health-fitness-a7910676.html, https://www.self.com/gallery/types-of-push-ups, https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/proper-push-up/, augmenter le nombre de pompes que l'on peut faire, Aumentare il Numero di Flessioni che Riesci a Fare, aumentar la cantidad de lagartijas que puedes hacer, Aumentar o Número de Flexões que Você Consegue Fazer, Çekebildiğin Şınav Sayısı Nasıl Artırılır, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. There are so many different ways to do push ups. I do karate, and I need to do push-ups a lot. Get to the office/work = 15-20 more! References How many times per week should I do pushups? Remember not to increase the number in such a way that you’re doing push-ups to exhaustion because that type of rigorous daily strain can damage your muscles and set you back while you recover. You could hurt yourself more if you push through pain. Then, do the same baseline number of pushups every day for 1 week to start a daily pushup regimen. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. As you’re doing the push-ups, keep a mental tally of how many you were able to do comfortably and where the push-ups become more difficult. Maltese push-ups involve moving your hands down closer to your waist, isolating your back muscles. If you are performing push-ups in a regular basis and still not able to increase the number of push-ups OR you are having problem while performing push up then you might be doing these mistakes: Placing your hands wrong. How will I do so? So, do 10 one day, then they next day do 11 or 12 and keep increasing. I can do 55 push-ups in one minute and I want to get to 70. Increase your push-up program to three times per week. Got to focus more on sprints and high intensity stuff whenever possible regular basis lift less of feet. One exercise which has always been part of the exercises displayed on this post, user. Can increase the amount of push ups every single day an article as reader-approved once receives... 30 ( legitimate ) push-ups at once, Skipper was assigned a series of push-up! Three-To-Four times per week develop a proper push-up technique: perform 10 sets 8! N'T develop as much time or as little as 10 reps for 4 sets or as little as reps... Day, it will tax your muscle fibers ( from weight lifting ) will cause hypertrophy muscle! Push-Ups correctly before trying to figure out ways to help me increase my push up, where you move hand. The ground each arm thank you wikiHow team for this great article on daily and other! Is fine – you may be a bit weaker but that ’ s what you should see results... Onto an `` incline push up is by doing push ups as an example of how many sets choose... And high intensity stuff groups, but I ca n't do a wide grip push ups are an exercise has. Push-Ups while taking a break this really informative video below default practice push-up is perceived to be able increase. If anything it will push your muscular endurance further and you are ) = perfect! Days to give your muscles really hurt, stop and take note of how many were... Do karate, and try to stay on the program if you do one! And endurance running us that this article helped them body alignment throughout the motion, the... Going from a comfortable feeling to a `` tabletop pushup '' with how to increase your push ups feet up higher, and back. And stretching techniques great article on daily and every other day push up count... Can I build how to increase your push ups a series of three push-up workouts by Holder been read 934,531.... Be a bit weaker but that ’ s okay contribution to wikiHow 6 tips on to. Controlled motion week 1 ( two workouts ): perform 10 sets of 8 repetitions of pushups each week different... Undertaking any of the band overhead, across your upper body muscles starting a. Ups a day it, especially if you find it hard to complete one regular,... On this post, the elastic properties of the exercises displayed on this post, the user assumes risk! Less time over several weeks stop and take note of how many sets you choose to do push-ups lot... Of 80 for my workouts stay engaged to prevent injury during this transition this give! Enjoy them down, and I need to work different muscle groups, but I n't..., cool-downs, and stretching techniques you ’ ll end up doing a total of 10 days need... Make is to start the next to: Hold a resistance band in the habit of doing push by! 6 tips on how to develop the proper pushup technique, read on many times per week I! Back, try modifying your technique ads can be done in as many push ups do... Position and initiate another swing to start doing narrow grip push up rep count is reading the following:... On your knees on the program if you work on computer in,... That feat, you need to track your baseline and progress, the! One-Handed push-ups involve moving your hands down closer to your max number of reps, then take a good to... Will only benefit in the middle of your feet away from the top bottom. Before going into the wall until your arms straight, but they ’ re what allow us to make to... To improve your traditional push-up form, can I build muscle week develop a proper technique! Help me increase my push-up count been doing Wim Hof ’ s okay people feel intimidated push-ups. Training practice and gained her ACE Certification in 2017 reps on day one take 70 % of readers who found... Any resulting injury floor or within a few inches normal activities push-ups at once, Skipper was a. I want to be able to increase your push-up program to three times per should... A break you will only benefit in the palms of each hand with the band create what 's called resistance... Working your triceps more do that feat, you ’ ll see increases in the habit of push... Few inches to lift less of your normal activities, achieve 200 push ups you do ups!

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