Toygar Işıklı is a Turkish film score composer, music producer and singer.
He was born in Gölcük. After gratuated from High School, he then moved to Istanbul and took his undergraduate major programme of vocal studies in Marmara University. He received his MA degree in composition master programme from Istanbul Technical University MIAM (Center for Advanced Studies in Music) and in that period He also studied Film scoring in his Composition master programme. He is having his postgraduate degree on Musicology and Music theory at Istanbul Technical University. Throughout his education he had the chance to collaborate with renowned composers and academicians such as Hasan Uçarsu, Kamran İnce, Pieter Snapper, David Osbon, Şehvar Beşiroğlu and Nail Yavuzoğlu for his research and work on jazz theory, 20th century music, Classical Turkish and Classical Music.